Saturday, April 11, 2009

I remember...

the hill behind Tina True's house on Worley Ave.  We would slide down the hill all seasons using trash can lids, refrigerator box whatever we could come up with.  At the bottom of the hill was a screen room, behind the screen room was Vaniman Ford.  Vaniman Ford faced Main St. from the south.  I attended school with the granddaughter of the Mr. Vaniman.  Cheryl Stubbs lived on the corner of Sunrise and Main St.  Her grandparents across the street on the opposite corner.  We played in the fenced yard of the Vaniman's with her collie chasing us.

On the southwest corner of Sunrise and Main St lived another schoolmate Connie Sheets who was a twirlette from Mrs. Boyer's dance studio.  She had two step brother's Jack Winchester (our age) and an older brother who's name escapes me.  Down the street on the other side lived the Dorn family.  They had a tragic house fire.  A young Dorn died, the story was the child paniced and locked herself in a closet.  Steve Dorn jumped from a second story window and had a debilitating arm injury.

The train tressel stood above Wolf Creek at the end of Sunrise Street.  The underside of the tressel was painted with graffiti (of course).  A wooden sidewalk with a metal handbar was built alongside the north side of the train track...I remember sitting on the skinny board feet dangling above Wolf Creek as a train blew by at a zillion miles an hour inches from my backside.

Down below, the stones showed through the clear water.  Many days where spent wading in the shallow water.  Down the track a few blocks east was the beaten down path we traveled to the baseball field.  The path was found through the parking lot of Roher's IGA food market.
Rusty worked their (Tina's older brother).  The Roher family owned the grocery, they lived up on Worley Ave. top of Pleasant St. to the right.  I remember one daughter, Kim.  Robin and Lark lived next door...two girls not birds.

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